2024 Organizers

If you would like to contact the organizing committee, please email  instcollorganizers@lbl.gov 

Dr Jamie Inman

Biological Systems and Engineering Division

Jamie Inman is a Biologist Research Scientist in the Biological Systems and Engineering Division. She is a developmental and cancer biologist and her research interests include biological responses to environmental and radiological insults. She studies mixed radiological exposures, ultra high dose radiotherapy and the impact of thirdhand tobacco and cannabis smoke exposure. She is an active user and/or collaborator at the ALS, Molecular Foundry, BELLA center and the 88” cyclotron. 

Dr Joanna Szornel

Nuclear Science

Joanna Szornel is a researcher specializing in radiation detection instrumentation for nuclear physics experiments and applications. She serves as the Area lead for germanium fabrication in the Semiconductor Detector Lab for Berkeley Lab. Her expertise spans multiple aspects of detector systems, including detector fabrication, readout electronics development, and signal processing. She holds a Ph.D. in nuclear engineering from UC Berkeley.

Dr Giorgio Vallone


Giorgio Vallone received his Ph.D. in Aerospace Engineering at Politecnico di Milano, with a thesis focused on Structural Health Monitoring of Helicopters. After graduation he joined CERN where he started working on superconducting magnets for particle accelerators. He is currently a research scientist at LBNL, and he keeps contributing to the world of superconducting magnets, and to the development and construction of particle detectors.